Ad Specs and Rich Media Guidelines

SportsWar’s websites accept IAB standard traditional ads as well as some rich media ad formats. The following guidelines below will help you to develop a campaign using formats that are industry standard.

General Information

File Formats


Art Size Dimensions and Maximum File Size (includes rich media)

728×90 Leaderboard = 30K
160×600 Skyscraper = 30K
300×250 Medium Rectangle = 30K
160×60 Button = 30K

Sponsors Text Message

The Sponsors Text Message is an HTML text link that is presented at the top of the forums. URL can be directly to a page of your choosing, or we can develop a landing page to suit your needs.

Maximum number of characters (including spaces): 90.

Sponsors Page Listing

For inclusion on each of our sites’ sponsors pages, we require your company logo and a short paragraph listing what your company offers.

Please submit your logo with transparent layer background (if possible) and with the dimensions being at least 200px in width.

Rich Media Options

Flash, In-banner streaming and User Initiated Expandable (leaderboard only).

Approved Third Party Vendors*

Atlas, Bluestreak, DoubleCkick, Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Point.Roll, Viewpoint

* Please inquire about any third party vendor not listed.

Rich Media Types

Flash Ad Requirements
Flash 6, 7, 8 and CS3(9)Click Tracking
The author of the Flash source file (.fla) has to assign a clickTag variable using a getURL button action. They also have to make sure that they have selected _blank for a target so it opens in a new window.

The button action code should look like this:

on (release) {

A helpful link:
Flash Requirements for 24-7 Real Media’s Open Adstream

File Requirements

  • Backup gifs must be submitted
  • Animation cannot continue past 15 seconds
  • Frame rate must be no more than 18fps
  • File size must not exceed 30K
  • File must have opaque bottom layer (zero transparency) of the desired background color, as we code the Flash HTML WMODE as ‘transparent’ as to not interfere with drop down navigation on the sites.
Audio and Video (includes In-Banner Streaming)
No host-initiated audio is permitted. Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain clearly visible “mute” and “stop” functionality. Video can be host-or-user initiated. Any exceptions need prior approval.
Expandable Banners (User-initiated)
Please inquire about user-initiated expandable banners for our sites. Most sites on our network can accept expandable leaderboard (728×90) ads. We are not currently accepting expandable skyscraper (160×600) ads.
Pop-unders, Pop-ups, Floating Ads and Interstitials)
We do not currently serve pop-unders, pop-ups, floating ads or interstitials. Our site communities strongly support our sponsors because we choose not to serve these rich media types.

Implementation Guidelines

Ad Creative Animation Time
In-Banner Streaming Video: No more than 30 seconds on all pages. Video must contain clearly visible “mute” and “stop” functionality.
Animation/Looping Guidelines for all media types
No loop maximum, but total animation time for all loops combined cannot exceed 15 seconds. Also, ads may not employ persistent rapid/”strobing” animation of any graphic, copy, or background element(s).
Where applicable, the “ON/OFF”, “STOP/PLAY”, and “CLOSE” button must be prominent and obvious.

Approval Process

Please send creatives for approval and testing at least two business days before campaign launch to:

Michael Ingalls
[email protected]
(434) 825-2928

Note: If you do not have Javascript turned on for your browser, you will be not be able to see the email address listed above. The email address is “INGALLS at SPORTSWAR dot COM”.