Site GMs (General Managers) Needed

SportsWar is seeking intelligent individuals with a flair for writing and a head for business to run sites in our network. As a SportsWar site GM (general manager) you’ll be responsible for creating content for your site (and by extension, the SportsWar network), interacting with fans on your web site, growing your community, and building the brand of both your web site and you as an individual.

If you sign on with SportsWar, you’ll love what you’re doing, and the money will follow. You’ll get support from everyone at SportsWar, from the top down, to help you run a successful site and build a growing, profitable business.

We’re not looking for occasional bloggers, or fly-by-nighters who like to write something every once in a while. Nor are we looking for smart-alecky, sarcastic comedians who just want to make fun of what they see or use their platform to mock their rivals. We’re looking for people who will provide good coverage of their favorite teams on a daily basis, including thoughtful analysis and commentary, in a respectful, intelligent way. Not to mention that you can have a lot of fun, too.

If you’ve got the talent, dedication and time to provide content for a top-quality web site, SportsWar can provide you the opportunity to build something lasting and lucrative. We’ll provide the platform for you, train you how to use it, guide you in the best ways to build a strong following, and get out of the way so you can excel.

How You Can Make Money With SportsWar

We’ll take care of placing advertising on your site, and we’ll split the revenue with you. If you choose to run a subscription web site, we’ll set up everything you need, collect the revenue, and split that with you, too. Our revenue-sharing plans are more than fair to you, the publisher, and bring you the potential to make thousands of dollars a month … if you’ve got what it takes and can draw the readers to your site.

Interested in Learning More?

First, please visit Our Web Sites to see what opportunities are available.

Second, visit our page So You Want to Run a SportsWar Site? to learn more about what it takes, and what will be expected of you.

To apply to run one of our sites, email us with a proposal (as described on ourĀ So You Want to Run a SportsWar Site? page) and that wil get the process started.

Don’t see any opportunities you like under “Our Web Sites”? Email us anyway, because we’ve also got some off-the-grid opportunities you might be interested in.

But don’t come weak. Be ready to show us you’ve got what it takes, including some writing samples and a commitment to being part of our team. If you’re serious, you can work with us. If you’re not, you can work with the other guys, instead.