Special Note for our TechSideline.com and TheSabre.com Subscribers

A special note to subscribers to our TechSideline.com and TheSabre.com web sites:

We are changing how our information appears on your credit card charges and statements. Previously, our charges appeared as “TECHSIDELINE COM” or “THESABRE COM” on your credit card, but as of 7/24/2013, charges will appear as “SPORTSWAR.COM MEMBERSHIP”.

As part of this transition process, you may see a transaction in the amount of $0.00 from “SPORTSWAR.COM MEMBERSHIP” appear on your credit card account. This is only temporary, you will not be charged anything, and you may ignore the transaction. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] (for subscribers to TheSabre.com) or [email protected] (for subscribers to TechSideline.com).