Community Loyalty

Each of SportsWar’s vibrant communities is made up of tens of thousands of passionate sports fans. These communities are an integral part of their lives – so much so that in the past, these sites have been broadly supported by donations from the community members themselves; in fact, many still are. SportsWar has proven that introducing sponsors in place of donors is a change that is eagerly embraced by these communities. From the community members’ point of view, this is really a no-brainer:

  • Their community’s site, which is an indispensable and cherished part of their lives, is able to greatly improve its content and services with the significantly increased revenue that comes via the sponsorship program.
  • They happily direct purchases that they were already going to make to the sponsors of their cherished website/community.

Community Testimonials

“Lowes, I have been an avid Home Depot shopper for many years. Until now. What you have done for will not go unnoticed. I’m switching to Lowes for my home repair shopping. I live in Hawaii and live close to one of your stores at the Weikele shopping center. Your store has better products and a better selection than Home Depot. The employees are very friendly and helpfull. I’m adding a few rooms to my house this year. I look forward to doing business with you soon. Thank you!” – Scott Ferguson

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your participation on my favorite web site I currently am insured through State Farm, but solely because of your affiliation with TSL, I will get a quote and consider your Accident Forgiveness approach to doing business… Thanks again for being a part of the Hokie Nation and GO HOKIES!” – Chip Harvill

“I just purchased a vehicle at Carmax this past weekend. Part of the reason I used them was due to their support of the Sites. Great experience and will refer them to others.” – David E. Crabtree

“I am very excited about TSL’s new relationship with TicketCity. Every year since I have been a Hokie fan, I have had to make some sort of ticket purchase or sale. Usually it is finding a few extra tickets to supplement my season tickets or unloading some tickets when I miss a game. I have never enjoyed this process because it usually involves dead ends, lack of trust, and poor pricing. I look forward to using TicketCity to greatly simplify this process for me.” – Chad Hinsch