Exclusive Sponsorship Program

The SportsWar Sponsorship Program is focused on one thing: building a loyal consumer relationship between each of our 1.8 million members and you. In various ways, detailed below, the sponsorship program successfully conveys to each community the importance of your generous support in enabling the betterment of the services provided to member of the community. Additionally, you have the flexibility and control to convey your own advertising messages.

The 728 x 90 Leaderboard and the 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper *

  • Aesthetically placed on each website, these dynamic ad positions are utilized for everything from driving traffic to brick and mortar locations and promoting new products to clearly communicating your brands role in enabling the community experience they cherish.

The Sponsors Page Listing ** {example}

  • On this page, we emphasize the critical component our sponsors play to our existence and directly solicit their support.
  • A list of all our sponsor’s logo along with a direct link and overview is provided on this page
* Served via Google Ad Manager, a minimum 2% of available house inventory per site allocated. All creatives link directly to Sponsors Page.
** Community members are driven to the page/website via strategically place links, static advertisements and/or house Sponsor Text Message, Leaderboard and Skyscrapers.